20 Countries That Provide Free Education at University Level

Good education, they say, ‘is expensive.’ Although some countries today have proven that belief to be wrong.

Despite the difference in social status, every student has dreams of studying abroad. This might just be a good idea for the not-so-privileged students, assuming the abroad universities’ exhaustive tuition fees and cost of living factors was canceled out. However, there are a number of countries where one can complete higher education without paying a dime! You may only have to get a job to cater to your living.

If you’re dreaming of having your university education in a country outside your motherland, do not be afraid to apply to study in the below-listed countries as everything about your education can be achieved with little or nothing. Let’s go on to the list.

1. Germany


All the public universities in Germany do not ask for any tuition fees except administration fees which are quite affordable, no matter your status. The English language is common in Germany and most of these universities teach with English so it will be easier to get along as an international student.